1. Dustin Lovelis
    Long Beach, California
  2. Tino Drima
    San Francisco, California
  3. minihorse
    Ypsilanti, Michigan
  4. Imaginary Tricks
    Brooklyn, New York
    Athens, Georgia
  6. Roselit Bone
    Portland, Oregon
  7. Pregnant Women
    Sacramento, California
  8. Loud Sun
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
  9. Wilding
    Los Angeles, California


Friendship Fever Sacramento, California

Friendship Fever was conceived in a car, somewhere near Morro Bay. It moved slowly to Southeast Sacramento, where it gestated in the brain-womb. It was fed routine doses of Tres Hermanas and Ramen House Raijin, and it was nursed into a healthy, growing little collection of magic with the help of some great friends from all over. ... more

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